MagiKats Tuition Centres have been running successfully for over ten years. Focusing on developing the English and maths skills of students from pre-school to age 16, we have seen hundreds of success stories, helping students to develop not only their subject skills but also their thinking skills, reasoning skills and problem solving skills. 

Originally a franchised business, the team at MagiKats have now expanded the options available to teachers and educators, so more people can benefit from using the MagiKats materials. Rural areas, areas with high demand for selective education and deprived communities are some locations where children will definitely benefit from additional support, but not necessarily in the traditional MagiKats Tuition Centre setting. 

There are certain educational philosophies we hold, which we hope you will share:
  • That every child, whatever their heritage or background, deserves the best education we can provide for them
  • That no two children are the same and so an individual approach is always best
  • That there is no substitute for face to face interaction and support, as provided by a tutor
However you choose to access our materials, we provide you with a software application (called KATS) which gives access to our vast banks of worksheets and teaching materials. Every student in your care is registered onto our system and materials for their use are printed with a date and their name - highlighting the fact that the work is 'just for them'. This work is recorded in our system so you can track their progress. Both teaching and practice materials are available.

Find out more about our programme here:

Anyone can now access our world-class teaching materials with a monthly software licence

Through our partnership with Accredited Tutor, you receive training and promotion for your new business.

Those who also want to learn how to set up and run a successful tutoring business can take advantage of our extended training programmes.

What We Offer

  • World class tutoring materials, at your fingertips.
  • Training in how to use our materials, computer system and in how to be an effective tutor.
  • Promotion for your new venture via our site, MagiKats Australia and via the Accredited Tutor website.

Our Partnership with Accredited Tutor

We have partnered with Accredited Tutor to offer a great package to our licencees. You can read more here.
To find out more about the MagiKats programme itself, visit our site MagiKats Australia.
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